Multiple Channels Signal Buffer Board

Product Overview

P/N: ASP-SBB-002

vxibufferSignal quality problems caused by mismatched impedance can result in intermittent measurements and faulty diagnostics. This is most often observed when transporting a test program from one system to another, such as re-hosting it from an older generation system to a new one. The primary root cause of the impedance mismatch is the signal path from the UUT to the measurement instrument. The switching system technology often is responsible for much of the distortion. The Signal Buffer Board (SBB) is designed to receive signal(s) from the UUT with high impedance output and accurately reproduced it at the output for delivery to the measurement instrument. The SBB output matches the 50 ohm input impedance of most measurement instruments and result in significantly reduced signal distortion.

The SBB comes as a VXI instrument with 32 inputs and 2 outputs or as a PCB assembly that can be used inside a interface test adapter (ITA).

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Hardware Specifications

  • Input impedance: 100,000 Ohms
  • Input Bias current: +/- 40ua Max
  • Slew rate: 5700 v/us
  • Bandwidth: 120 Mhz
  • Output swing into 50 Ohms: +/- 5v (Max)
  • Switch Matrix: 32 Channels by 2.

Download the manual here.