Product Engineering Service

A Perfect Fit – Our Custom Engineering Solution Services

  • Do you want to get more products to market?
  • Do you want your projects completed faster?
  • Do you want your projects completed at a lower cost?
  • Do you wish you had additional resources, both capacity and expertise, to get your projects done?

ASP has the technical expertise and project management experience to matrix into your organization. ASP has extensive experience in the manufacturing test industry, and are specialized in project management, product design, software engineering, hardware and mechanical engineering.



ASP delivered a total solution on time and on budget. As a small company, we really appreciated their technical expertise and the organized approach they brought to the process. They kept the engineering project organized and on schedule. We found the ASP engineers easy to work with and very responsive. Without ASP, we could not have gotten our new product to market.

John VanNewkirk, President & CEO, CheckSum