2016 Teradyne Technical Interchange Meeting Presentation

Concord, CA. May 7th, 2016, Alliance Support Partners (ASP) Makes Teradyne Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) Presentation
Alliance Support Partners (ASP) gave a presentation on Testing High Voltage Logic with Di-Series Cards at TIM.

Full voltage Di-Series models are capable of +/- 30V range; however the highest protection voltage is determined by the programmed value for the card. The default state for Di-Series is the lowest range which is -2.2 to 3.3V; the default state for L to S conversion program set by TPS Convert Studio (TPSCS) is -3 to +6V. In the default state, the presence of voltage that is 2V beyond the range is enough to damage the sensors even though digital tests were not performed. The paper presents how the Di-Series high voltage feature can be used properly.

Read the paper here

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